A Dog's Happy Day

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- Flash fiction no.2 -
A Dog's Happy Day
+ + + +
Being drunk was awesome.

I was wondering how long I had been there in the dirty alley. Maybe an hour because I wasn't drunk anymore. Damn, I hated being sober. My wallet was gone and my phone either. What had happened? Geez...Let me recall.

Every Thursday night, I always went to the bar called 'Doggy'. It was my younger brother's favorite place and I had no idea why he likes it so much, sometimes he had terrible taste. The bar was musty and moldy smelling. I had never seen other customers but my brother, maybe this was his reason, Flo hated crowded places.
There was only one waiter in the bar, his name was 'Tim'. He had a really plain face but his hair was afro kinky, so I could recognize him. We had talked a lot about sports, girls, weeds, just random things. And Tim told me about my brother too, when he came to the bar, he would sat down on his favorite seat (It was a dusty red velvet sofa), read a book he brought with him and had some beers.

I had bourbon, straight up and no ice. Afro-boy and I had talked about random things as always and after that, I had a lot of beer. So I ended up being freaking drunk. After I left the bar and walked along the streets, I ran into junkies. This part I couldn't remember the details but don't give a damn. I was dragged into the alley, they beaten me up and took my things. I didn't fight them back, I was too drunk.

And then, I realized that my face was throbbing.

Those motherfuckers! Stealing was fine but how dare they touched my face!
Nah, fuck it. Too late to get revenge for now. Instead of being furious I had thought about how should I go home? I was so sleepy, my eyes were going to shut.
"Hey, old man."
I thought this voice sounds like my brother's but that was impossible, I may had misheard. Why the hell he would be here? Maybe he went to bed already or maybe he was watching 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' with his kid.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

Oh, It was definitely Flo. I cocked my head up, tried to focused on his face but in the alley was too dark I couldn't see him clearly.

"You look like hell." He muttered.
He glanced at me for a second and then he had dropped something on my lap. They were my stuff.

And he said, "Get up and moves quickly! This place smells like a year old rotten fish!"
"Yeah, yeah...I'm sorry~"

I couldn't help but smile. The wounds and bruises all over my body started to hurt so badly but I was really happy because he came to pick me up.

And that was why being drunk was awesome.
+ + + +

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